Any parent or grandparent will agree that toys have a way of invading home space quickly. Children rarely want to give up old favorites, and yet don’t hesitate to add more to their collection. Before long, your home may have toys stored in literally every corner of the house. It’s time to get them organized in a way that is both unique and practical. Here are some of our favorite options because they are affordable and can be personalized to your style and home decor.

If your home is suddenly overflowing with treasures your child isn’t ready to part with, don’t give up! Resist the urge to force your child to say goodbye to their favorite toys. They’ll outgrow them soon enough and the older toys can be used as a tool to show them how donating them will make other children happy. Before you give in to the battle of the bulging toy boxes, try something new, and you may see the forgotten toys become new favorites all over again!

Wooden Crates

These can be purchased ready made in some craft stores, or can be made from wooden pallets at a very low cost. To make them even more practical and easier to use, add wheels for mobility. They be used in the natural wood tone, or painted. For a boy’s room, paint several in bright colors to resemble train cars. For a girl’s room, paint an assortment to resemble small cottages. For those whose creative abilities are somewhat limited, the crates may be painted in solid colors, with pre-made wooden letters attached to spell out the child’s name. The best part? This storage project idea is timeless. The same wooden crates used to store toys, can be adorned with school colors later on (even in college!) to hold shoes, blankets, or books.

Spice Racks

A child who has easy access to books at an early age is more likely to develop an appreciation for reading, and thereby do much better in school. Often, a child’s room is scattered with various books without a ‘home’ other than the standard bookcase. Organize your child’s books in a more unique way. Purchase several wooden spice racks (these may even be found at thrift stores) and attach them to the walls low enough that they are easily reached. Then, simply fill the racks with books. You’ve created a simple and inexpensive reading area for your child. Be sure to add a couple of throw pillows close by!

Over the Door Shoe Bags

These clear plastic shoe storage bags make the absolute best places to store Barbie Dolls or Action Hero figures! These toys seem to gather in your child’s room and before you know it they’ve taken up a permanent residence. The best way to conquer the invasion is to create a place for them to 'hang out.’ So grab a couple of these effortless and affordable storage bags and put them in a designated place; out of sight, and neatly organized!

Magnetic Strips

There is something magical to a child about little toy cars (the metal ones) and magnets. One of the simplest ways to keep your little race car fan from leaving those cars everywhere is to attach magnetic strips directly onto the wall or bookshelf. Hang several in easy to reach places close to the toy box. Little ones won’t be tempted to leave them scattered about when they have to option to stick them to the wall. The end result is educational, and cute, too!


Do you have Legos lying around your home with no place to go? Instead of having an assigned spot or bin, let those Legos be the place to go! Gather up all the loose ones you can find in any (or all) colors and make a storage cube out of them. Any size is fine. You can make small ones to use for change, or larger ones to hold pens, pencils, or stationary. Incorporating them is fun, practical, and colorful too!


Pegboards are oldies but goodies. They simply never go out of style, and the uses are endless. What makes them more attractive is how you create your own personal space. With new colorful paints or fabric border frames you can customize the board according to your taste. Add a few hooks with various baskets and you have a functional and affordable way to store small items. This is an everlasting project which can be easily changed as your needs transition. Small toys, hair ribbons, or baseball cards can be also be hung in the bins as your child grows. Later on it can be used for school projects, moved to your garage for added organization, or used to store art supplies!

Build a Zoo

Does your child have an endless supply of stuffed animals? Create their own personal 'zoo’ by making a simple wooden frame that would resemble a zoo or circus cart. Add a few wooden spindles, or stretch a few elastic bungee cords vertically to resemble the 'bars’ in a zoo and stuff those wild animals into the 'cage.’ This is simple and fun way for children to put away their furry friends.

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