Whether you are moving across town or cross-country, there is one thing you can count on…moving is STRESSFUL! Packing up your home, relocating it, and then un-packing and decorating a new house is not easy, and most people dread it. If you ask recent movers what bothered them the most, almost all of them will say that packing makes them crazy. So, if we could help make that easier, would it take some of the burden off of your shoulders? YES!

Don’t bother calling around town to locate moving boxes. We have the perfect sizes and shapes for packing conveniently in one place. Because this is our specialty, we know which boxes work the best. We don’t waste your time and money with boxes that are odd shapes or inadequate for the job. Step one: get the boxes.

Protecting your dishes, glassware, and valuables requires extra care. We have bubble-wrap and styrofoam peanuts to stabilize your items in the boxes. Our high-quality packing tape will seal your boxes until you open them. There is nothing worse than the bottom coming out of a box. Not only can your possessions be damaged, but it ruins progress and a good mood rather quickly. Step two: pack carefully.

We have answered the demand for specialty boxes for certain items. Televisions are one example. We carry boxes to protect flat screens during your move. Another high-demand item is our wardrobe box. Don’t bother folding all of those clothes. Simply take them from your closets and hang on the center rod of the tall wardrobe box. When you arrive at your destination, it is easy to hang them right in the closet. The wardrobe boxes have been a game-changer for many people.

Have you ever moved and found that your mattresses got soiled in the moving van or as they were dragged in and out of the homes? We have some great mattress bags which will protect your mattress and box springs. Tuck a dryer sheet or two into the bag when you pack it, and your mattress will smell fresh and clean when you make your bed up on the flip side of the trip. Step three: protect your items which won’t be in boxes.

Dust covers will protect your larger pieces from scratches. These are great for moving, but even more important if you will be using one of our storage units as an interim step. There are many reasons why you might want to have a safe place to leave your things. We have units ranging in size from very small to absolutely huge, and we are certain one of them will work for you. We offer climate controlled environments in some of them, so if you have things needing to be protected from the elements, we have you covered.

Once you settle your things into a unit, we even have various padlocks to secure it.

Whether your moving van parks in front of your next home or one of our storage units, we want your move to end well and be as easy as possible on you. Using a variety of packing supplies from Storalls will stack the odds in your favor. Come see us today. Let our staff help you assemble the supplies needed for your next move.

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