Tips for Driving Your RV Cross Country from Storalls

Are you getting ready to plan a cross-country trip in your RV? Then follow these basic tips to making your journey successful and enjoyable at the same time.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

One of the greatest dangers to taking off across the country is not setting a budget or sticking to it. Before you start packing the RV, you need to sit down and count the cost. While visiting your financial planner may be the best idea, you can also go online and use an online travel-planning tool. You need to cover every possible expense. Some examples of ongoing costs may be:

  • Fuel
  • Food
  • Maintenance
  • RV site rentals and campgrounds
  • Toiletries and supplies
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Recreation and attractions

Be Conservative in Your Spending

One of the key factors in a successful RV road trip is prioritizing your expenses. What is more important to you, eating steak dinners every night or seeing well-known historic sites? Would you rather shop or spend time out in woods? By prioritizing your expenses, it allows you to approach spending in a conservative manner, so that you will have resources for the things you really love to do. Another reason be conservative in your planning is to account for accidents, repairs, or other inconveniences that are likely to occur along the way.

Be Flexible

Planning a month-long trip down to the minute may give you peace of mind, but it can also create stress and tension with everyone on the road. Therefore, you should ease up on the rigidity of the itinerary and be flexible enough to handle spontaneity when and where it happens. Some of the most memorable moments you’ll have on the trip are those that were not planned and came out of nowhere. You never know what you will discover that could be a better option than what you scheduled.

Take the Road Less Traveled

Let’s be honest, Interstates are boring. So are long lines, huge crowds, and tourist traps. That’s not you. You want to find something different, more unique, and more interesting. Don’t rely on a GPS device to get you where you want to be. Rather, carefully map out your trip using alternate routes and stay off the beaten path. You and your family will enjoy the scenery through the winding back roads. You’ll see things that no one else got to see and experience real culture in the towns your drive through. You’ll have the benefit of seeing cities and towns through the eyes of the locals. Your trip will be much more meaningful and memorable.

Don’t Be in Such a Hurry

The whole point of an extended journey is to relax and take in all the sites along the way. You can’t do this if you’re always rushed for time. If you are planning to arrive to specific destinations, then give yourself plenty of time to do so. Plan for extra days when you may do nothing at all. Remember, a rigid schedule only creates stress. Allow you and your family to sit back and enjoy the ride!

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