6 Tips for Packing and Storing Glassware

6 Tips for Packing and Storing Glassware

When storing glass in a storage unit or making a big move to your next home, it’s important to have peace of mind that all of your valuables are safely stored and will arrive in one piece. From stemware to shot glasses and beer steins to beakers, it’d shatter your heart if any of your beloved pieces got shattered. But have no fear! You don’t have to break the bank to keep your valuables from breaking. Here are six easy ways to make sure that your glassware will stay safe and secure while you’re moving it or placing it in storage.

  1. Quality is Everything

    You wouldn’t expect a house to stay up if the walls were made of paper instead of brick, so why would you expect your boxes to stand tall if they’re made of flimsy cardboard? High-quality boxes will provide safety for the items you’re storing, as they’ll be sturdy enough to handle being carried and stacked on top of (or underneath!) other boxes.

  2. Use What You Have

    Old newspapers are your best friend when it comes to packing and storing glassware. By rolling your glassware in newsprint, you’re keeping your items from bumping, scratching or shattering when in motion. A little extra padding never hurt anyone!

  3. Store Smartly

    Note the most fragile areas of your glassware—is it the stem of the wine glass? Or the delicate opening of your vase? When it comes to these areas, keep them facing upwards. These fragile areas can use all the help they can get to stay in one piece, so putting extra pressure on them by storing them on their weakest points is a recipe for disaster.

  4. Note the Temperature

    Did you know that certain temperatures can make glass crack? When it gets too cold or too hot, glass contracts and expands, and can sometimes crack or break. If you’re looking at a storage unit, consider an option that is climate controlled in case of any inclimate weather. And if you’re moving, maybe don’t consider moving in on a day that makes your new home seem more like an igloo!

  5. Put a Label on It

    There are few things more frustrating than looking at a sea of boxes and knowing your item is in there somewhere… but where? To avoid this, use your organization skills to label, number and identify all your boxes. It might be tedious at the time, but you’ll be thanking yourself when you have to unpack it.

  6. Its's OK to Be a Little Extra

    When you’re packing up glassware, it’s OK to be a little extra with all your extra fillings. Use all the cardboard inserts, packing peanuts, bubble wrap and wadded up newspaper if you want. By filling in the empty spaces of the box, you’ll be keeping your glassware snug and secure.

Now that you know what to do — it’s time to get moving! Or, storing. Your glassware will be sure to be scratch-free, crack-free and perfect for your next dinner party with all of these tips. For any additional assistance or questions on packing and storing your valuables, make sure to reach out to us at Beltline Security and Storalls.

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