Places to Donate Unwanted Items in Mobile, Alabama

Places to Donate Unwanted Items in Mobile, Alabama

Quarantine life means more time at home and more time to reorganize our personal items in every dusty closet. Those unwanted items are certainly another man’s treasure if you consider donating rather than throwing them away. Please read below where you can donate in the Mobile, Alabama area where your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Local Charities

There are many local charities in the Mobile area that will conveniently pick up acceptable donations by simply scheduling a time and date. Start by entering your zip code by logging onto the site here to choose your choice of local charity and begin the pick-up process.

Charitable Stores

Charitable stores such as Salvation Army and Goodwill gladly accept donations from communities. Drop-off and most pick-up options are available depending on the area you reside in. Again, you can always check availability by logging onto the site here for more information and to sign-up. Remember that you can request a tax-deductible slip after donating!

Donation Centers and Alabama Stores

Dozens of donation centers and stores are open in the Southwest Alabama area with the help of Goodwill Easterseals, a Gulfcoast program providing for families in need. Places like Dauphin Donation Center and the Fairhope Store amongst many other locations offer this option. For a full list of where to donate please click here.

Habitat ReStores

At Habitat Restores for Humanity, furniture, appliances and household goods are accepted for drop-off or pickup. They are then sold and the proceeds go to helping someone with a home and invest in their future. You are welcome to visit their website here, to look for the location nearest you.

Donate Car to Veterans

Unwanted vehicles such as trucks, boats or motorcycles (broken or not) are accepted at Donate Car to Veterans Charities. A tax deduction will be made according to the value of your vehicle sold as-is on the market. Please fill out the form and schedule your free pick up today from wherever you live by logging on to the site here.

Your Fellow Neighbor!

Organizations are always looking for volunteers to help complete their mission. With the help of community members like you, they gain donations like no other. If you wish to donate to someone you know, consider donating to your fellow neighbors especially families with children or the elderly. Your acts of kindness will go a long way.

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