RV And Boat Storage: Protecting Your Precious Investments

RV And Boat Storage: Protecting Your Precious Investments

For online sellers, efficient inventory management is key to running a successful e-commerce business. Storing inventory in a strategic and organized manner can make a significant difference in streamlining your operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of storing inventory for online sellers and how it can contribute to the overall success and growth of your e-commerce business.

Owning recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, boats, motorcycles, ski-doos and off-road vehicles is an exciting venture, but it also comes with the responsibility of protecting these valuable investments. Your "toys" represent a significant financial commitment, with some costing as much as or even more than your home. When it comes to storing these prized possessions, security should be the top priority. Ensuring they are stored in a secure location safeguards them from potential theft or damage.

At Stor-Alls, we understand the importance of providing a secure storage solution for your recreational vehicles. Our two locations offer covered and protected bays for motorhomes and boats, while our other locations provide secure, fenced areas for parking. With gated access and on-site personnel, we ensure that your prized possessions are safe and well-protected during their storage.

Climate-controlled storage is essential for safeguarding various items from temperature swings. Electronics, furniture, metals, woods and papers can all be adversely affected by extreme temperature changes. Our climate-controlled storage units provide the ideal environment to protect your belongings from potential damage caused by temperature fluctuations.

Preparing Your Vehicles for Long-Term Storage:
Whether you opt for covered storage or open parking, preparing your vehicles for long-term storage is crucial. This is different from using them regularly for weekend getaways; special maintenance is required to ensure they remain in excellent condition during their time in storage.

Follow the maintenance list provided by your vehicle's manufacturer, and consider the following additional steps:

Thorough Cleaning:
Clean both the interior and exterior of your vehicles to prevent food residues or critters from causing damage during storage

Check Refrigerators and Cabinets:
Securely lock up food in containers or take it home to avoid attracting critters. Open the fridge and cabinets to allow air circulation.

Remove Batteries:
If you're leaving items with batteries, remove them to prevent corrosion.

Lubricate Moving Parts:
Ensure door hinges, locks, and slide-outs are lubricated to move freely during storage.

Check Liquids:
Empty or winterize liquids as needed, including draining holding tanks and grey water tanks.

Check Fuel and Engine Liquids:
Fill and treat fuel and other engine liquids. Start the engine to circulate the protectant, and drain or treat the fuel in the generator if applicable.

Battery Care:
Remove the battery or place it on a battery tender to maintain its charge.

Tire Maintenance:
Ensure tires are properly inflated to prevent damage during storage.

Remove Valuables:
Always remove items of value before storing your vehicles.

Consider Covers:
Covers are beneficial, especially for boats and smaller RVs, to provide additional protection.

For Boat Storage:
Boat storage may require additional steps. In addition to the above, consider the following:

Engine Care:
Take care of the engine, draining and treating it as needed. Check the waste tanks.

Storing your recreational vehicles is an important responsibility to protect your valuable investments. Stor-Alls offers secure and climate-controlled storage options, ensuring your vehicles remain in pristine condition during their time in storage. Following the proper maintenance steps and preparing your vehicles for storage will ensure that they are ready to hit the road or water when you retrieve them. Trust Stor-Alls to provide a safe and secure storage solution for your cherished vehicles. Contact us today to safeguard your valuable investments with our top-notch storage facilities.

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