Storage Units vs. Moving Containers

Storage Units vs. Moving Containers

We all know that moving is incredibly stressful. Aside from packing, cleaning and all the other tasks you must complete, you also must work through the logistics. One big factor you need to consider is what route you are going to take when it comes to extra storage. The thing to remember is that you have options.

Weighing your options 

There are many situations that arise where you need extra storage, and you will need to weigh your options. The two most noteworthy options are moving containers or traditional storage units. Which one you choose will depend on your needs. How much space will you need? How long will your items be in the storage option of your choosing? It is also important to note that moving to a new home may not be the only time you find yourself in need of storage. There are options within these two choices as well and may take some serious thought to determine what will make your experience the most efficient and effective.

Ship or sit 

You may be familiar with a storage unit but the term moving container may be new to you. Unlike a self-storage unit, a moving container will be accessible to you at your home or place of business. A moving container is a shipping container that can be delivered to your home and filled with your items and shipped to your new location or local warehousing to store your belongings. Using this method can be a great option when you just need a temporary solution for storage although the cost may be more than a traditional storage unit.

Security in place 

A storage unit is likely more widely known and offers many great benefits. A storage unit can offer quick and easy access to your belongings. You may also benefit from the climate-control options available to you. You may also like the added benefit of security and secured fences around the storage unit property. You may also find that there are security cameras as well as guards on the property. This may prevent vandalism, theft and inclement weather as you could experience with a free-standing unit. Some storage units also offer storage options for boats and RVs. If you are planning a move, remodel, pre-wedding prep or any other occasion that may require additional storage, it may be time to do your research and determine how you are going to choose to store.

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