Things to Know Before Storing Your Clothes In a Storage Unit

Things to Know Before Storing Your Clothes In a Storage Unit

Whether you’re planning a move, or you just inherited a few special items that you need to store, we are here to help. Storing clothing items can be difficult. If not done properly, they run the risk of fading, ripping, developing a nasty smell and more. Here are some of our best tips to store your clothing.

Wash Everything

Before you begin to pack your clothes, you must make sure to wash all the clothing items you want to store. This will help maintain the condition of all the clothes you are storing. If unwashed clothing is stored, it can produce mold, mildew and foul odors. Even if they don’t produce a smell or look dirty, stains may be revealed over time. Perfumes, oils, sweats and lotions can sit in the fabric and turn your clothing yellow. Even starched clothes or food stains can attract pests that will ruin your clothes, so be safe and wash clothing items before putting them into storage!

Use Plastic Bins

Most people store clothes in plastic bags or cardboard boxes because they are the cheapest options. However, these methods run a higher risk of leaving your clothes vulnerable to damage. Plastic bags will trap moisture and leave mold and mildew on your clothes. Cardboard boxes are vulnerable to humidity and water damage. Boxes that were previously used for storage, such as food storage, may contain pests and rodents. That is why plastic bins are your best solution! They keep your clothes safe from all threats. However, be sure not to pack them too tight because your items need to breathe. If your unit is exposed to light, opt for darker bins to prevent fading, but otherwise, we recommend clear bins so you can see what is inside!

Create an Inventory System

Creating an inventory system will allow you to stay organized while also granting you easy access to your clothing. Some people like to color-code everything, and they choose to have each color link back to item types, seasons or family members. Others like to use a labeling system by just simply adding labels to each bin. The most extensive way to organize is to create an inventory list. On the list, write down every item in the bin, a brief description and the size of the item. A spreadsheet on Google or Excel can help this task be quick and simple, plus this makes sure you are never on a scavenger hunt for anything ever again!

Use a Wardrobe Box

For delicate clothing, it is best to invest in a wardrobe box. A wardrobe box allows you to safely hang your clothing in storage. When hanging your clothes, it is best to steer away from metal hangers, as they can cause the item’s fabric to stretch or rip and the metal can easily rust. Investing in wooden or padded hangers and a sheet to cover your wardrobe box is the best method to make sure no harm comes to your items while they are in storage.

Refold Every Few Years

It is best to visit your storage unit every 1-2 years to refold your clothing items if you are not rotating them. This helps prevent creasing and allows you to make sure there is no damage to your items, such as water damage, pests, fading, dust or stains. After you refold the items, it is best to put them back in their organized bin or wardrobe box to ensure further care.

Hopefully, these tips will help you provide the best care to your clothing while they are in storage. These tips have helped many of our clients, so we hope they help you too.

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