Packing Tips for Your Electronics

Packing Tips for Your Electronics

Electronics are not only worth a lot of money but can be damaged if not stored properly. While you might use some more than others, the ones that do not get used often take up bulky space in your home. Also, with technology always changing, you are bound to decide to store old electronics while still keeping them for memorabilia, for future use or to pass down to a loved one. You can begin to unplug as we show you some tips on packing certain electronics in a storage unit.

Computers:Home computers are an essential part of those who work from home or for kids in school who use it for homework assignments. So whether you upgraded to a new computer or your children grew out of it, storing the old computer away is the best route for saving more space. Pack your computer in the original packaging it came in if possible, and unplug all wires. Use protective gear such as bubble wrap in between the computer and in any remaining space in the box. This will help prevent it from breaking during the moving process. You can also cover the screen with bubble wrap for added protection.

Flat Screens:The thought of storing a flat-screen television while keeping it from breaking or warping at the same time can seem like a tedious task. However, it is just as easy as storing away a computer. You will need to cover the screen with supplies such as using a thin moving blanket, packing peanuts and using bubble wrap to protect the surrounding empty space. Again, use the box it came in to store it or if you threw it away, Beltline and Security Storalls provide moving supply TV boxes available for purchase. Depending on the size and weight of the television, you may want to ask a friend to help carry it to its final destination. Finally, use palettes to place the flat screen box on top. You do not want to place anything on top of the box as it can be heavy and ultimately break it.

Workout Equipment:That expensive treadmill is yours to keep! Make room for things that belong in your garage like your cars and get workout equipment out of the way. With any workout equipment, we recommend storing it in a climate-controlled storage unit so that it does not get any mold. Take the time to wipe it down to remove any access to dust or bacteria. Disassemble the equipment if possible and unplug all wires. Cover the equipment using moving blankets and store in the original box or simply leave as is. Workout equipment is usually very heavy, so again, ask a friend for help to avoid injuries.

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