How to Decide What Size Storage Unit You Need

How to Decide What Size Storage Unit You Need

Moving or storing a few supplies? Not sure on what size storage unit to get for larger quantity items? From miscellaneous to full-size bedroom home materials, you can follow this guide on how to choose which size self-storage unit you need so that you can make the best use out of your space! See what fits and reserve your unit today.

Up to Two Rooms (Smaller Unit)

We have smaller units available that are perfect for miscellaneous items or that can cover up to two small rooms, such as office space, closets or half bathrooms. Things like boxes, a treadmill, filing cabinets and chairs fit into this size of space well. You can choose up to five sizes, ranging from as small as 4' x 5' x 8' to as big as 5' x 5' x 8'.

A One- to Two-Bedroom Home (Average Unit)

Our one- to two-bedroom units have up to 1,200 square feet unit capacity. This means the units hold walk-in-closet-sized items like wardrobes, up to two larger pieces of furniture and up to fourteen boxes. Again, we offer up to five different sizes, the smallest measuring at 5' x 10' x 8' and the largest at 6' x 15' x 8'.

Two- to Three-Bedroom Homes (Larger Unit)

These two- to three-bedroom larger units cover 1,200 to 1,600 square feet with five different measurements such as 10' x 10' x 8' and 10' x 15' x 8', or you can choose something smaller such as a 7' x 14' x 8' or 8' x 14' x 8'. Store your major appliances like your stove and fridge, mattresses with bed frames or desks/office equipment. The larger units are our most commonly used as they hold larger bedrooms and furniture holdings.

Four-Bedroom Home or Larger (Grand Unit)

For the ultimate space, we offer our grand size units that cover four-bedroom homes or larger with 2,000 square feet and above. These units range from 9' x 22' x 8' to 10' x 20' x 8' with a drive-up on the first-floor for your convenience. Any home appliances and bedroom furniture with the addition of multiple boxes are ideal for this amount of storage.

RV/Boat/Vehicle/Parking (Specialized Unit)

Our indoor and outdoor vehicle parking spaces are made accessible to you with security in mind. These specialized units range from 1' x 1' x 1' to 12' x 42' x 12' in measurements and are perfect for space limitations.

Don’t just tuck your items away, remember, you have the option to choose climate-controlled storage for safe temperature environments as well.

We have units from small to large, that are climate controlled. You may only need us for a few months, or you may find that our units fit your long-term plans. Give us a call or come see us, and protect your treasures! Beltline and Security Stor-Alls are located in Mobile, Alabama, for all your storage needs! Check out Beltline and Security on Facebook, or visit us online at

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