How to Store Patio Furniture/Cushions/Outdoor Furniture

How to Store Patio Furniture/Cushions/Outdoor Furniture

If you think your outdoor furniture is safe outside without protection, you might want to reconsider it. Most people do not properly store their outdoor furniture because they believe it is waterproof or that a little rain won’t hurt. Little do people know that outdoor furniture, including cushions, can rot and lose its material power over time. Thinking about a patio revamp or building a new deck? We set up some solutions to help you learn how to store patio furniture, outdoor furniture and outdoor accessories in your self-storage unit.

Use Plastic Bins for Cushions and Other Small Accessories

Adding style to your outdoor furniture with pops of outdoor throw pillows and cushions always adds extra comfort. To keep cushions and pillows lasting longer, adding a scotch guard or a waterproof sealer spray only works as a temporary protective layer. Your best option is to store extra items that you want to use for later seasons in bins (make sure the items are dry beforehand). Large plastic containers work wonders to store items such as cushions, throw pillows, throw blankets, lanterns, patio lights and faux plants. Plastic bins help keep things dry, protect from dust and from keeping critters away.

Heavy Duty Covers for Large Furniture Pieces

Large outdoor furniture pieces such as chairs, patio sets, tables and even bar carts with wheels work best when protected and stored away using heavy-duty covers. Make sure to read labels when buying covers that read product highlights, such as water-resistant. Covers are easy to use with a simple zip-up feature. For a snug fit, you can find covers that fit the dimensions of your furniture of choice. They also work great with keeping pests away and preventing rotting. As always, with any items being stored in a storage unit, beforehand thoroughly clean to get rid of any dirt, dust and grime.

Make Use of Stacking Method

Plastic bins are great for packing in storage units. This helps condense space and makes more room for the larger outdoor furniture pieces. The stacking method works for items such as foldable chairs, small side woven/metal tables or individual chairs arranged interchangeably. Don’t forget that umbrella! If not stored away in a safe place such as a storage unit, the wind can blow the umbrella away damaging your property and risk the safety for yourself even if the umbrella is closed.

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