Tips for Storing Lawn Equipment in the Winter

Tips for Storing Lawn Equipment in the Winter

As it begins to get cooler outside, you may need help preparing outdoor equipment for storage. Some equipment requires a little more care than others. December and January are the perfect times to begin to prepare and store the items that need to be warm as the temperature continues to drop. The lawnmower is one of the most important items that need to be taken care of during these winter months, so here are some of our tips on how to properly store lawn equipment:

How to Store a Lawn Mower During the Winter

Storing your lawn mower is a simple, yet trivial, task. It requires special winterization to be ready to be used in the spring. Here our the proper tips for winterizing your lawn mower:

  • Examine your lawnmower: The first thing you need to do to prepare your mower for winter storage is to examine the item for damage or repairs. If it needs repairs or is beyond repair, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Review manufacturer’s instructions: Before performing any cleaning or repairs on your mower always check the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Empty the gas tank: Never store any equipment with combustible components, such as gasoline.
  • Ensure equipment is clean: Make sure all equipment is clean before placing it in storage. Remove the mower blades to clean and sharpen, wash the outer part and let it dry thoroughly before placing it in storage.
  • Remove batteries: Disconnect power equipment batteries, and store them in a cool, dry area.
  • Replace parts: Before storing your mowing for the winter, you should change the oil and replace the air filter. Every few years, replace the spark plugs on your equipment.
  • Safely store away: In storage, place your mower on cardboard or a plastic tarp, and then cover with a breathable canvas tarp. This should be done for all lawn equipment, so it does not become damaged while in storage.

How to Store Lawn Equipment in Your Storage Unit

To make the best use of your storage space this winter, place the items you will not use in the back of the storage unit. If you will not need the item for the next four to six months, do not let it take up valuable space in the front of the unit. Move “in-season” items to the front, such as cold weather and holiday items you will need to use soon, for easy access to them.

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