4 Tips For Storing Your Most Prized Possessions

4 Tips For Storing Your Most Prized Possessions

Everyone has an old drawer or a closet housing a collection of baseball cards, a memory box or some other form of prized possession that may not be used every day, but meanwhile has almost become a part of the family. When it comes to storing these items, they require a bit of extra thinking to ensure they are not damaged. Here are four tips for storing your most prized possessions.

Determine the Length of Time

How long will the item(s) be kept in storage? For short-term packing, standard packing tips will suffice as long as the proper packing tools like bubble wrap are used. If your prized possessions are going to be in storage for an extended amount of time, more extensive packing methods are needed.

Cardboard boxes deteriorate over time and are not a viable option for long periods of time. Sealable, plastic containers will last for years and protect items from humidity. Here in the Southeast, the weather is unpredictable, so preparing ahead of time and not using cardboard is the safest option of protection from the elements. Plastic boxes are also able to stack easier than cardboard boxes as well, so you can have peace of mind that your items are safe from tipping or sliding.

Cater to Your Fragile Items

Each prized possession will require varying preparation for storage and maintenance. For example, if you own a fragile collection of sculptures and are storing them for a few months, taking the time to individually wrap the pieces and placing them in durable containers is a wise investment to protect them. Remember to store fragile items close to the ground instead of on high shelves. Mistakes happen, and if a box falls from a shelf, make sure it’s a box of blankets and not your valuable art collection.

Protect Valuable Items

For high dollar items like jewelry, heirlooms and important documents, having adequate security measures is needed to help keep them safe. Having a locked, fire-proof safe inside the storage unit to protect these irreplaceable items is an added security measure to protect against burn damage in the case of a fire. Here at Stor-All we have 24/7 recorded security as well as a keypad entry system, so you can rest easy knowing your valuables are protected.

Treat and Cover Furniture and Fabric

The most common stored items include furniture and clothing. These also happen to be items that are prone to damage in storage units if not properly cared for. Always remember to store furniture in a climate-controlled space and cover with plastic to protect from pests. If your piece is leather, treat it before storing to prevent cracking. For clothing, store in a climate-controlled unit on a clothing rack or folding inside sealed storage boxes. Keeping clothes in plastic bags will trap moisture and damage the items.

When done correctly, storing valuable items is a great way to free up space in your home while protecting the pieces you love the most. By following these tips, your items will stay safe and easily accessible when you need them!

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