What Kind of Supplies Do I Need for Safe and Secure Storage?

What Kind of Supplies Do I Need for Safe and Secure Storage?

One of the biggest questions people commonly ask is: what do I need to do to make my storage as safe and secure as possible? Well, as Mobile’s leader in storage, we are here to help you out. Here are the top 5 items you need for safe and secure storage:


Boxes are essential for safe and secure storage! Boxes help keep your items organized and from being crushed in your storage unit. No one wants something precious to be unreachable in their own space, right? Well, we feel the same way! It might seem basic, but boxes are the building blocks of storage, literally. Once you pack everything into a box, it will be easier to move and far safer than out in the open. If you need boxes, Stor-Alls has you covered! We have storage boxes available for you to purchase.

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are equally as important as boxes, especially for valuable, breakable items. These tiny peanuts save so many every year from the heartbreak of losing an item in a move! During the moving process, boxes commonly still have empty space within them, causing items to bounce around inside the box, many times resulting in broken items. Packing peanuts help fill this void within the boxes and ensure that your items are kept safe and secure throughout the year. If you are moving or storing anything any time soon, packing peanuts are a smart, and safe, investment.

Packing Tape

Tape is another one of the basics for safe and secure storage that many forget about or think they can bypass. Tape is another big aid for helping things stay secure and in the right position when they move. It might seem very simple, but we have seen so many people forget it and lose their items, so don’t follow their bad examples. Stor-Alls will happily sell you tape to make sure your items are safe and secure within their boxes! When you need to store new items, also remember the tape.

Dust Covers

Dust covers are important for covering and protecting items in storage, during moving or even during a home renovation! These covers protect items from dirt, dust and moisture, making sure no harm comes to the items once the cover is placed over them. No sheet or other cover will work as well as a dust cover either! Dust covers are specially engineered to make sure what is under them remains perfectly unharmed for long periods of time. If moisture was trapped under any other sheet, you’d have a big mold or fungus problem on your hands! Take the smart way out and use a dust cover to protect your storage items from dust, dirt or moisture!


Every storage unit needs a lock on it, so no unwanted visitors make their way into your space. Locks are the key, literally, to safe and secure storage. Stor-Alls has a variety of locks to choose from, so customers can select their favorite to put on their storage unit! These locks will help you sleep better at night knowing that your possessions only be accessed by you, as they should be.

Make your storage experience the best by choosing Stor-Alls and we will help you utilize all of these goods and more to make your storage as safe and secure as possible.

If you are looking for moving supplies, or looking to make your storage unit more efficient, visit us online or in person! Beltline and Security Stor-Alls are located in Mobile, Alabama for all of your storage needs!

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